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Long standing applications in diverse sectors like Oil & Offshore, Mining, Ports, Crane, Elevator, Fishing, Infrastructure etc. are testimony of our expertise in manufacturing high quality wire rope products. As a business entity, we have always focused on delivering value added products and services to our customers. Usha Martin’s facility at Ranchi (India) is one of the world’s largest wire rope manufacturing facility under one roof. Our plants in India, Thailand, and Dubai are API 9A Certified. Brunton Shaw- UK has a rope manufacturing facility, which is among the best in the world. Features like 3D measuring and lube-retention technology introduced by BS UK for OCEANMAX ropes are new in the wire rope industry.


  • Ex-Houston Warehouse ropes available in most of the running sizes. We can maintain stock and supply against your projected requirement.
  • We facilitate direct container supplies from factory with delivery within 90 days from the date of order.
  • Five manufacturing plants located world-wide at strategic locations provide flexibility and assurance of uninterrupted supply to customers.
  • We offer ropes in customized lengths, with or without end attachments, as per the customers’ requirement.
  • Available in both Galvanized and Bright Finish
  • Rope can be designed, manufactured, and offered in tailor-made dia., design, size tolerance, lube, tensile grade, etc.
  • Sizes available in both imperial and metric units.
  • Special rope with Plastic impregnated core, Plastic Valley Filled Ropes are offered for applications like piling rigs, port cranes, mining etc.
  • We can produce and supply rope with Zn+Al coating against specific requirements.
  • Pre-stretched ropes can be offered against specific requirements.
  • Full technical assistance in selection of right rope for the desired end use.
  • Product training can be arranged for end users, customers



Usha Martin Group is known for manufacturing one of the widest range of wire rope products in the world. Usha Martin rope application spread all over the world is a testimony of its high-quality products and services. The ropes manufactured by Usha Martin are today serving some of the most critical applications across diversified industrial segments. These wire rope products have promptly delighted its users for its high quality and long life. Some of the wire rope manufactured by Usha Martin include:

The TITAN oil field rope from Usha Martin and ONCEANMAX from Brunton Shaw are designed to endure ultimate tests of strength and overpower turbulent waters. Manufactured by state-of-the-art technology, these ropes provide a superior strength to weight ratio and an enhanced working life.

We offer POWERFORM and HYFLEX from our plants in India, Dubai and Thailand and CRANEMAX, HARBOURMAX, TOWERMAX from our Brunton Shaw UK Plant. Our crane ropes are designed to provide longer life, less downtime, and superior resistance to bending fatigue for lifting applications and adverse working conditions.

We offer mining rope for both surface as well as underground mining. Usha Martin mining rope shows excellent breaking load capacity and higher resistance to fatigue, wear, and abrasion, helping its users to achieve reduced downtime, longer life, and lower maintenance cost of machines.

Designed & manufactured under stringent norms, Usha Martin elevator rope provides close dimensional tolerance and is aimed to provide jerk free movement of elevator.

Larger outer wire diameter, superior quality of galvanization, and application of high quality of lubricant in manufacturing to check corrosion considerably, together, extend life of every Usha Martin Fishing Rope.

 Aerial ropes from Usha Martin are known for low maintenance, long life, excellent quality, and strength. Our product offerings include aerial haulage ropes, material handling ropes, rope for passenger ropeways, and other track ropes.

Some of the prestigious projects around the world like Vidyasagar Setu in Kolkata, Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, and TV Towers at UAE today are a few manifestations of Usha Martin’s expertise in structural systems. Usha Martin has capability to provide bridge cables, prestretched & protected from corrosion, along with requisite end fittings in a ready-to-install condition.

Usha Martin, in collaboration with Gustav Wolf of Germany, provides conveyor cord having superior steel-rubber bonding, high strength, and a long life.

Usha Martin provides a wide variety of wire ropes for general lifting purpose, boring, shipping, and regulating equipments for railways.


Usha Martin produces one of the best quality wires in the world having very high order of uniformity in tensile strength, close size tolerances, and long life. For manufacturing such high-quality wires, Usha Martin has a comprehensive set of facilities including heat treatment facilities, galvanizing facilities, wire drawing facilities, and testing facilities in India and Thailand.

Some of the wires manufactured by Usha Martin include 

Spring Wire

Usha Martin manufactures wires which cater to the extremely demanding spring industry. Our spring steel wires are heat treated to meet customer’s requirements and the wires are accepted globally as a preferred choice for springs.

ACSR Wire PC Wire

Wires from Usha Martin are used in galvanized steel, earthwire strand/ groundwire strand/ core strand for Aluminum conductors, ACSR Strand earthwire for overhead transmission lines, and core strands for Aluminum conductors.

PC Wire

Usha Martin’s High Tensile Steel Wires for pre-stressed concrete (Plain, Indented, Ribbed) find application in concrete poles, Railway sleepers, Hume pipes, Bridges, etc.

Welding Wire (CO2)

Usha Martin produces and supplies copper-coated MIG (CO2) Welding wires from sophisticated in-line drawing and copper coating machines, to delight its users with a smooth flowing wire, a stable arc, and low spatter wire for welding.

CHQ Wire

Usha Martin manufactures Cold Heading Quality wire with both fine grain and coarse grain steel depending on customers’ requirement through Silicon Killed / Aluminium Killed steel. With the help of Vacuum Degassing facility, the levels of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen are controlled in order to fulfil the requirement for critical applications.

Auto spoke Wire

Usha Martin is a preferred supplier of autospoke wires to the Automobile industry. The auto spoke wires manufactured by the company are known for their quality and long life.

Brush Wire

Usha Martin manufactures wide range of Brush wires catering to the quality requirement of diversified applications such as Industrial Brushes, Power Brushes, Strip Mill Brushes, Tube Brushes, Scratch Brushes, Polymer coated stem wire for bottle brushes, Staple wire for domestic brushes & brooms, etc.

Needle Wire

Usha martin’s wires are the preferred choice in the needle industry all across the globe. Our needle wires are manufactured from High Carbon Steel and are used to manufacture Hosiery Needles, Sewing Needles, Knitting needles, Hooks, Fishing Hooks, Surgical Needles, etc.

Wire For Fasteners

Usha Martin is one of the largest suppliers of wires to the fastener industry. Our product offerings include Cold Heading Quality Grade wires for

  • Low Tensile Fasteners
  • High Tensile Fasteners
  • Medium Carbon Steel Fasteners
  • Alloy Steel Fasteners 
  • Boron Microalloyed Fasteners 

Cycle Wire

The wires manufactured by Usha Martin include Cycle Spoke wires, Chain Rivet wires, Chain Bush wires, Mudguard wires, and Pedal Bar wires.

Other (profile) Wire

Usha Martin manufactures profile based wires as per the customer need to fulfil their requirement. The variety of profile based wire include Vibrating spring wire, Shutter wire/Screwdown wire, Tractor tiller wire, CA wire, etc.


Usha Martin’s continued investment in technology and equipment has consistently pushed products to the highest quality standards. Our engineering excellence and our commitment to customers is manifested in the wide usage of our strands in the construction industry.


Usha Martin produces a comprehensive range of strands, with each type designed to cater to specific requirements of the industry:

  • Bright low relaxation(LRPC) strand
  • Normal Relaxation(NRPC) strand
  • Galvanised LRPC strand
  • Polymer coated Galvanised/Bright LRPC strand.
  • Grease/Wax filled un-bonded LRPC strand
  • Bonded LRPC Strand
  • Plain, Indented, and ribbed high tensile steel wire for prestressed concrete.
  • Galvanized Strands (1×7, 1×19) used as Telephone messenger Strand, Guy Strand, Over head ground wire strand, Industrial Strand, Automotive Control Cable application.

LRPC strands of all available sizes and grades can be polymer sheathed and galvanized in conformance to major national and international specifications.

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